Wednesday, 12 December 2012

December Project Club - Cream and Brown Lighthouse

How to make 

  • From a piece of A4 cream linen textured card cut a 13.8cm x 20cm piece stamp a background using all the stamps in memento rich cocoa, distress with tea dye and edge with a gold marker pen.
  • From the remaining cream card cut off a 20cm x 3.5cm piece and stamp the lighthouse in the middle and part of it above and below in rich cocoa.
  • On the remaining card stamp two lifebelts, two anchors.
  • Next stamp the scroll from Grand Word perfect 2 (ref: 1803069a) to the left hand side of the frame stamp "Ahoy" and "On Your" to the top with "Birthday" under on the right hand side, cut out and edge in rich cocoa.
  • Colour in parts of the lighthouse, the bands on the lifebelts and the loops and bands on the anchors, 3D gloss the anchors and lifebelts (I found it best if I cut out the holes and left the rest on the card and cut them out when dry).
  • Edge the lighthouse strip with a gold marker pen.
  • Cut two strips of brown checked ribbon 25cm long when the anchors and lifebelts are dry thread two anchors on one piece and lifebelts on the other.
  • Attach the ribbons to the top right hand side of the card on the back.
  • Attach the scroll 1cm down from the top of the card over the two ribbons.
  • Attach the ribbons to bottom of the card on the back, using 3D glue attach the anchors and lifebelts to the card.
  • Finally attach the lighthouse strip to the right hand side of the card.

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