Friday, 13 May 2016

CRD: Monthly Make - Sentiments Only

This is the last card for this months Monthly Make From Crafty Roo Designs. I have had a fabulous time playing with this stamp set, I wanted to do one card that didn't use the balloon!!!! 

And here it is .....


  • May's Monthly Make
  • Memento:- Rich Cocoa.
  • Narrow brown check ribbon, 3.8cm wide medium brown ribbon.
  • Small cream square card, brown and cream card.
  • Double sided tape, glue and 3D foam pads.
  • Craft tools.

How to Make
1) Cut a piece of brown 1cm smaller than the front of square cream card, and a piece of cream card a little smaller than the brown card.
2) Using Rich Cocoa stamp Dad across the bottom of the cream piece of card, and stamp two first class circles and a square sentiment onto cream card using Rich Cocoa.
3) Cut out the sentiment and mount onto a piece of brown card with a narrow border using double sided tape or glue, cut out the two circle with a cream border ( about 3.5cm).
4) Attach the check ribbon 2.5cm down from the top of the cream piece of card, with the wide ribbon in the middle of Dad and the checked ribbon using double sided tape or glue, centrally adhere first to the piece of brown card then onto the cream card using double sided tape or glue.
5) Knott a piece of check ribbon to ribbon across the top, using 3D foam pads adhere the sentiment to the middle of the wide ribbon, using glue adhere a first class circle to each side of the sentiment.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

CRD: Monthly Make - Milk Carton

The Hot Air Balloon from this months Monthly Make makes brilliant backgrounds! I have used it to help create this milk carton.


  • May's Monthly Make Stamp Set and  Tall Dad stamp.
  • Memento:- London Fog, Danube Blue.
  • Light Grey and blue card.
  • Blue ribbon, 2 bottle tops.
  • Hole Punch and glossy accent.
  • Double sided tape, glue and foam pads.
  • Craft tools.
  • The milk carton was cut from a 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch piece of light grey card.
How to Make
1) Randomly stamp the balloon and birds onto a piece of light grey card using London Fog, use a template or die cut out a milk carton with 2 inch wide sides, make up using glue.
2) Stamp two each of the first class circles, sentiments and Dad only from the how Tall stamp onto blue card using Danube blue.
3) Cut out Dad and the sentiments, first mount onto light grey then onto blue card with narrow borders using double sided tape or glue.
4) Cut out the two first class circles to fit inside the bottle tops, adhere inside the bottle tops using foam pads,
5) Apply glossy accent to the Dad's and the inside of the bottle tops, leave flat to dry.
6) Punch holes in the top of the milk carton thread ribbon through knot and tie a bow, adhere a Dad to the top front and back just under the ribbon, with the sentiment on an angle below, and a bottle cap on each side using a strong double sided tape or glue.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

CRD: Monthly Make - Zig Zag Card

Well this May's Monthly Make should now be back in stock but it is very limited at the moment!

Anyway back to the cards, this one was really easy to make and I had great fun teaming it up with some stamps from the previous makes too.....

  • May's monthly Make stamp set, August 2015Monthly Make  stamps and Weathered - Happy Birthday stamp.
  • Memento:- London Fog, Grape Jelly, Danube Blue, Tuxedo Black.
  • Distress Ink:- Dusty Concord, Salty Ocean, Stormy Sky, Tumbled Glass.
  • Satin edge Silver Chiffon ribbon, glossy accent.
  • Light Grey Card.
  • Double sided tape or glue.
  • Craft tools.
How to make

1) Score a piece of light grey card to make a zig zag card, do not fold, cut away a piece from the top left hand side, 10cm down up to the second score line.
2) With the card still open at the top of the right hand section stamp the balloon using London Fog, stamp the birds under the balloon in the bottom right corner, in the middle section stamp the birds in the top right and bottom left corners, and randomly on the left section also in London Fog.
3) Across the middle section stamp Happy Birthday and All dreams begin with a wish! (Which will go over into the right section using Tuxedo Black, distress around the edges and over the birds with Tumbled Glass and Stormy Sky.
4) Turn the card over stamp Dream in the bottom right corner of the middle section, Believe the top left corner and wish half way down the right side edge of the right section, randomly stamp the birds over the two sections using London Fog, distress as before.
5) Stamp two balloons onto light grey card one in Grape Jelly and the other in Danube Blue, cut out and stamp the top of the balloon on the back, distress the balloon and basket the Grape Jelly  one in Dusty Concord and the Danube Blue in Salty Ocean, turn over and distress the top of the balloon, glossy accent the two top circles and the two circles in the five ovals on the front leave to dry.
6) Fold the grey card adhere the blue balloon to the higher slop so it covers the balloon on the inside back, and the purple one on the front 2cm up from the bottom using double sided tape or glue, with a craft knife make slot 3cm up bottom of the card on each side of the purple balloon to thread the ribbon through with a bow over the purple basket, glossy accent the large circle showing on the back of each balloon.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

CRD: Monthly Make - Stepper Card

Well, I am not surprised!!!!

This months Monthly Make from Crafty Roo Designs sold out in record time, I wasn't surprised I just love it!!!!! It is such a fabulous stamp set and with the freebie stamp Kym threw in too what was there not to love!!! But. don't worry if you have missed out on the first batch the Crafty Roo team have been hard at work and there should be some on the website very soon!

So what is all the fuss about????

Well, this .......


  • May's Monthly Make Stamp Set and Lots OF Trees.
  • Memento:- London Fog, Rich Cocoa, Bamboo, Leaves, Olive Grove, Pistachio.
  • Distress Ink:- Tumbled Glass, Rusty Hinge, Faded Jeans.
  • White stepper card, pale blue, green and white card.
  • One blue and brown card Candi.
  • Double sided tape, glue and 3D glue.
  • Craft tools
How to Make
1) Cut a pale blue piece of card to fit the main part of the card, and a green piece of card for each of the other steps.
2) Onto green card stamp three of each tree in the three green inks, cut them out.
3) Onto white card stamp the balloon, sentiment and two first class circles using Rich Cocoa, cut them out, stamp the balloon on the back in Rich Cocoa.
4) Using the edge of a green ink pad make tufts of grass on the three pieces of green card, onto the smallest piece using Rich Cocoa stamp Dad ( I stamped it with out the swirls), make a box around it using the edge of a stamp block also in Rich Cocoa, adhere the green pieces to the steps using double sided tape or glue.
5) Randomly stamp the birds onto the pale blue piece of card using London Fog, distress around the edges and over the birds using Tumbled Glass, adhere to the card using double sided tape or glue.
6) Distress the basket and middle section of the balloon using Rusty Hinge, over the strings using Tumbled Glass, with the rest of the balloon in Faded Jeans, distress the top and middle sections on the reverse side, adhere on an angle to the blue piece of card, with a first class circle in the top left corner and three trees in the bottom right using double sided tape or glue.
7) Onto the back step adhere the sentiment to the right side with three trees, on the middle step three trees with a first class circle over two trees to the left using double sided tape or glue, add  a brown card Candi in the bottom right corner and the blue one in the bottom left corner using 3D glue.