Sunday, 30 September 2012

Deco Corners

The lovely Faye from Dimension stamps sent me an Art Deco corner to play with, and boy did I have fun! The corner can be purchased on its own or as part of a set called Deco Corners (ref: 2300039a).

Plum and Green card

How to make
  • Cover a 14.5cm x 14.5cm square white card with two toning backing papers
  • Onto a 13.5cm x 6.2cm piece of plum card stamp the deco corner twice once with the point in the top left hand corner, and the other with the point in the bottom left hand corner, in black pigment ink and clear emboss it, edge with a silver pen, colour in some parts of the stamp with toning glitter gel pens, mount onto green card leaving a 1mm border, mount this onto a 14.5cm x 7.2cm piece of plum card and attach to the centre of the backed card.
  • Stamp happy birthday on to a 1.7cm x 10.2cm piece of green card, in black pigment ink and clear emboss it, round off the corners, edge in silver. Punch a hole in each end and tie some narrow plum ribbon in each hole, attach the happy birthday diagonally across the card with foam tape, attach the ribbon to the card with punched plum flowers and green brads.

White and black card

How to make
  • Onto a 6.2cm x 20cm piece of white card stamp the deco corner three times the top and bottom one to face the same way and the middle one to face the other way, in black pigment ink and clear emboss it, colour in with black and silver glitter gel pens.
  • Edge in black, mount onto silver card then onto black leaving only narrow borders, attach to the right hand side of a white DL card.
  • Stamp happy birthday down the left hand side.

Dark Cream and Turquoise card

How to make
  • Onto a dark cream card stamp the deco corner with the point into each corner.
  • In a darker toning ink, onto two 12cm x 12cm pieces of turquoise card, stamp the deco corner with the point into each corner of one piece of turquoise card in Memento Tuxedo Black, colour in using gold and turquoise H20s.
  • Cut out the blank middle and around the outer edge, turn it over and stamp into each corner again and colour in part way down the points.
  • On the other piece of turquoise card stamp the deco corner so the point is to the centre of the card, colour in and cut out you will now have one round and one square shape, curl the points down onto the full coloured side.
  • Glue the square one on top of the round one and glue some gold card to the back opening, attach to the centre of the cream card.
  • 3D glue a turquoise bead or gem to the centre of the card and a brown card candi or gem to where the stamps meet on the turquoise card.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Touch of ....Autumn (Part 2)

I really ejoyed using A Touch of.... Autumn Stamp set (ref: 0701085a) from Dimension Stamps, that I may have got alittle carried away, so here's some more ideas!

Bonfire Party

How to make:
  • Onto a 14cm. x 14cm. piece of black card emboss “it’s a Bonfire Invitation” across the top in gold and centrally attach to a small dark orange card.
  • Stamp the calendula a few times onto orange and gold card/paper in Tuxedo black
  • Cut them out and scrunched them up
  • Then arrange them into a bonfire (I used the flower head at the base of my bonfire)
  • Finally add some glitter
This one was a lot of fun to do!

Magenta calendula

How to make:
  • Using phthalo blue tint pan pastel as the base colour, cover a 110cm x 110cm piece of white card.
  • Using an embossing stamp pad, stamp the calendula in the centre and Happy Birthday above it.
  • Using phthalo blue dab over Happy Birthday, magenta extra dark dab pan pastel over the flower head and chrom. Ox. Green shade pan pastel on the leaves working the pastel in from side to side from top to bottom.
  • Mount onto magenta card with a narrow border.
  • Using phthalo blue as the base colour cover a small square white card, stamp the flower head using an embossing stamp pad around the  top edges of the card lightly dab over each flower head with magenta, around the bottom edge stamp the leaves lightly dab over with green shade working the pastels in as above, centrally attach the stamped square to the card.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Cakes away!

My daughter asked me to make her a birthday cake for her boyfriends brother who was turning 18! What do you put on a lads 18th birthday cake? I had two girls and didn't think he would want a "My little pony cake" (I made my little pony cakes for so many years!).

In the end I found out he likes playing computer games and a helmet seemed to work!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Touch of.... Autumn

A Touch of ... Autumn is is another lovely set from Dimension Stamps (ref: 0701085a). I really enjoyed playing with these stamps


How to make:
  • Onto a white A5 card stamp the chrysanthemum leaves down each side of the card in Tuxedo black, distress and edge in dried marigold.
  • Stamp two chrysanthemums , one above the other onto a 9cm. x 21cm piece of white card.
  • Stamp the flower head only four times more onto white card, colour in using promarkers.
  • Trim around close to the two flowers on the strip of card lightly distress and edge with  dried marigold.
  • Mount onto green then dark orange card leaving narrow border of each colour.
  • Attach a piece of green/orange ribbon to the left hand side of the card with a bow or knot.
  • Attach the stamped strip from the top right to the bottom left hand corner of the card.
  • Cut out two of the flower heads for each flower cutting away more of the head each time.
  • Shape and 3D glue to the card, add three die cut brown dragonfly’s.

How to make:
  • I made a zig-zag card from a piece of dark blue pearl card.
  • Cut out some triangles, across the top and bottom of each section cut a piece of light blue card and stamp the Forget-me-not in memento Paris Dusk and distress the edge in Stormy Sky.
  • Add a strip of dark blue chiffon ribbon to each and attach to the card.
  • Cut three pieces of pale blue card to fit the middle sections of the card, stamp “Happy Anniversary” in memento Tuxedo black on one and distress the edges of all three as above.
  • Attach to the card with ”Happy Anniversary” to the right hand side of the card.
  • Stamp the “Forget-me-not” four times onto pale blue card with Tuxedo black ink.
  • With promarkers and gel pens colour the leaves and flowers on two, and the flower only on the other two.
  • Scrunch them up cut out the two with the leaves coloured, attach one to each section of the card, cut less of the flower from each of the two flowers and attach to the front of the card.



How to make:
  • Stamp “Happy Birthday” twice into the top right and bottom left hand corners of the 14.8cm.x14.8cm. square cream card, in Memento Rich Cocoa.
  • Attach a piece of brown and white spotted ribbon across the centre up to the stamped corners.
  • Stamp the Calendula leaves six times onto green card and the flower heads six times onto yellow card.
  • Cut out and shape the leaves cutting out less leaves each time but leave some of the flower head to have something to glue to, so you can have two sets of three.
  • Colour in the flower heads using promarkers.
  • Cut out and shape as for the leaves so you have two sets of three, so you can glue the leaves under them.
  • Starting with the largest leaves from both sets glue the layer of leaves in place, add the largest flower head, attach to the card so the two flower heads overlap the ribbon, attach the other parts of the flower heads.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Parchment Poinsettia

I just love working with a Dimensions Stamps set called A Christmas Star (ref: 2400069A). I had been itching to try it out on parchment and I am very pleased with the results.

How to make
  • Onto the right hand edge of a 20cm x 20cm square white card, stamp one of the swirls from the large poinsettia three times down the side in memento London fog.
  • Using white stazon ink stamp the large poinsettia onto a 11.5cm x 20cm piece of parchment, and the flower head only four times more onto another piece of parchment.
  • On the main stamped piece emboss from the back the leaves and flower head between the stamped white lines, colour the leaves green and the flower red I used a very soft pencil crayon.
  • From the next four flower heads  emboss and colour only the petals you will use from each flower, colour the centre of the top one in yellow or gold.
  • Cut a 16.5cm x 20cm piece of dark green card, attach the parchment panel centrally to this just down the two long sides using perga glue.
  • From parchment die cut two strips of lace (Tim Holtz Vintage Lace 657481) attach to the sides of the parchment panel , attach a piece of red ribbon over the two edges.
  • Attach the green panel 0.5cm in from the left hand fold of the white card.
  • Decoupage the rest of the poinsettia onto the parchment panel with perga glue.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hanging Glass Bell

I thought I would be abit different today and create a decoration.

How to make:
Stamp the poinsettia with ribbon ( A Christmas Star 2400069A ) onto white paper in black ink, I altered the size of the bow and ribbon ends as they did not fit in the bell, clean the glass bell and attach the stamped image to the back with low tack tape, working onto the glass trace the outline and all the inner lines of the image you wish to use in black relief paste, (leave to dry as in the instructions) colour in with glass paints trying not to use many brush strokes as these will show, I just let the paint drip in to fill the space, leave flat to dry.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Candles and Poinsettia Card

I just loved working with this stamp from Dimension Stamps, it is so traditional.
How to make:
  • Onto a 20cm x 20 cm square kraft card centrally attach a 19cm x 19cm piece of red card.
  • In the bottom left hand corner attach a 12cm x 18.4cm piece of dark green card, so it fits with no red showing down the left hand side and across the bottom.
  • Onto a 18cm x 11.6cm piece of dark cream card stamp the candles and poinsettia in memento rich cocoa with season greetings above it, distress around the sides of the card with tea dye.
  • Attach the stamped image over the green card as before so there is only two sides of green card showing.
  • Stamp the poinsettia onto dark cream card in rich cocoa cut out and distress in tea dye.
  • Die cut two small elegant flourishes ( Tim Holtz 656639) in kraft card attach down the right hand side of the card, shape the poinsettia and attach in the middle of the flourishes with 3D glue.
  • Add some ice gold sparkle to the candle flames and poinsettia.



Sunday, 23 September 2012

Winter knits

As we are getting closer to winter I decided to get out my knitting needles and make my granddaughter a couple of tops to keep her warm.

She spends a lot of time outside no matter what the weather is, so there is always a stack of jumpers and coats next to the back door for her. These two are knitted in aran so will keep her toastie!
I knitted the long sleeve one first, then the body warmer was knitted using the leftovers!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Lady With Presents

This stamp reminds me of my daugther she is forever shopping!

How to make:

  • Randomly stamp a background of snowflakes (Snowflake Set 0305010A ) and happy Christmas onto pale lilac card, the snowflakes in memento London fog and happy Christmas in memento grape jelly.
  • Stamp the lady with presents (0303046A) once and the stack of presents twice more onto white card using memento tuxedo black, colour in with promarkers and cut out and add some glitter glue to the fur on the ladies coat and some of the presents
It was going to be an easel card with a stack of presents on each side of the lady, well it still is but I set the two stacks of presents back a bit on the shorter easels.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Flying Santa

This stamp is just so iconic, I think if you mention Christmas and Santa then the image of him flying off into the distance (or is that just me?)

How to make:
  • To the top right hand side of small square blue card the flying Santa and Christmas wishes in memento tuxedo black, distress around the edges in stormy sky.
  • Die cut on the edge townscape (Tim Holtz 656919) in pale blue card and emboss the tall pines (Tim Holtz 656939) cut out the pines, distress the townscape and pines in stormy sky.
  • Cut three houses off the left hand side and attach 2.4cm up from the bottom right hand corner of the card, attach the other four houses using foam tape to the bottom right hand corner of the card.
  • Attach the pine trees to the bottom left hand corner with 3D glue (you may need to trim the pine trunks down to fit).
  • Add some small silver stars.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Happy New Home

This month sees both my cousin and my niece move house, so I made the blue one first and like it so much I just changed the colours for my niece.

How to make:
  • The background was stamped in memento tuxedo black onto a 18.5cm x 18.5cm piece of white card, using any type of house stamp I could find in Dimension Stamps project club stamp sets, from toadstools to castles, but they all worked. And then distressed with scattered straw, dried marigold and rusty hinge.
  • I die cut some houses( Tim Holtz, Townscape 656919 ) from white card and distress with rusty hinge and aged mahogany, and attached to the bottom right hand corner of the card.
  • I then die cut a birdcage and two small flourishes from blue card ( Tim Holtz Cage Bird 656634 and Elegant Flourishes 656639), die cut a bird with wing and a key from dark blue pearl card, attach some beads to the holes in the bottom of the birdcage with silver wire, attach the wing to the bird and glue into the cage, using a blue brad attach the cage to the top right hand side of the card.
  • Attach two pieces of blue spotted ribbon down the left hand side of the card, attach the two flourishes  and three punched dark blue pearl leaves to the top of ribbon.
  • Using a blue brad attach the key to the end of one of the flourishes, with a blue brad attach a flower near the leaves and a dragonfly near the top of the cage.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Blue Christmas

This stamp is just beautiful and can be used in so many ways, it's another fabulous Dimension Stamps one.

How to make:
  • Randomly stamp snowflakes (Snowflake Set 0305010A ) and Christmas Wishes in memento Paris dusk onto a 15cm x29cm piece of pale blue card.
  • Stamp two large and small snowflakes onto pale blue card in Paris Dusk cut out and add waterfall sparkles.
  • Cut a 29.7cm x 15cm piece of navy card score down at 6.3cm and 10cm in on each of the 15cm ends make the 6.3cm a valley and the 10cm a mountain fold.
  • Trim the pale blue stamped card to fit each section leaving a narrow navy border and distress.
  • Around the two outside pieces attach a piece of silver edged blue chiffon ribbon from the top to the bottom
  • Attach all the pieces to the navy card
  • Add one of each size of snowflake to the outside edge of the ribbon
  • Stamp the tree (Christmas Tree Designer 0304023A) onto navy card using a versamark pad emboss in silver, cut out around the tree mount onto silver holographic card cut out leaving a narrow border
  • Attach the tree to the centre panel with foam tape, add some waterfall sparkles to the snowflakes on the tree.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Red and Green Trees

This stamp is another Dimension Stamps stamp it's called Retro Christmas Trees (ref:0304044A).
How to make:
  • Mount a 13.5cm x 13.5cm piece of red and green vertical striped Christmas backing paper, onto a 14cm x 14cm piece of red backing paper then onto a 14.8cm x 14.8cm dark green card.
  • Then add a red card candi in each corner
  • Onto a 4.3cm x 14.3cm piece of red card stamp the trees using a versamark pad and emboss in gold.
  • Cut a 6cm x 12cm piece of dark green card and make a silt 1cm in at each of the 6cm ends, thread the red card through, and attach 2.5cm up from the bottom of the card.

Friday, 7 September 2012

My Sisters Birthday

I just love Dimension stamps The Occasional Orchid (ref:2400066a) and what better excuse to play with these stamps than, my sisters birthday card.
How to make
  • Across the top of an A5 white card stamp the bent orchid plant twice in memento tuxedo black, distress around the card with dusty concord.
  • Onto a 11.5cm x 14.5cm piece of white card stamp the script in the top left hand corner, with the large flower head in the bottom right hand corner and then stamp "Birthday Wishes" to the bottom left of the stem, distress around the edges and colour the two buds in dusty concord.
  • Stamp the two orchid flower heads twice onto white card, cut out one of each size and cut off the back three petals from the other two, colour them in using dusty concord.
  • Attach the large flower head over the stamped one on the piece of card, mount this onto a piece of purple card leaving a narrow border, and attach to the bottom right hand corner of the A5 card.
  • Attach a piece of toning ribbon down the left hand side and across the top, where the two ribbons cross attach the small orchid.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Black and White Reindeer

This card was made using a Dimension Stamps stamps called Prancing Reindeer (ref: 2000055A), it is just beautiful I have lots of ideas for this stamp, so, here's just one for now.

How to make:
  • Onto a 15.5cm x 5.5cm piece of black card stamp two reindeers on a angle one above the other towards the top of the card and "Christmas Wishes" near the bottom using a versamark pad and silver emboss them.
  • Mount onto a 16.5cm x 6.5cm piece of silver card and attach in the bottom right hand corner of a white DL card.
  • Across the top and down the left hand side of the card attach some white silver edged ribbon where they cross add a fancy black brad.