Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Project club - 25th Anniversary

Stamp the harp and words onto white pearl card, with Black Stazon ink, cut out and mount onto blue pearl card.

Cut them out leaving a narrow blue border, attach the harp centrally to a white DL card, and the words to the top right hand corner.

Stamp the rose from the Forever Floral collection onto white card Versamark and emboss in silver, cut out and mount onto blue pearl card. Cut out with a narrow border and attach to the bottom of the card.

Project club - Just a note

Stamp a music swirl along the top and bottom of a 14.8cm x 14.8cm square cream hammer finished card, in Memento Rich Cocoa ink.

Cut a piece of cream hammer card  4.5cm x 24cm, place it over the card so the top edge is in the top left hand corner, and the bottom edge is in the bottom right hand corner, trim to size.

Stamp Just a Note three times down the strip in Rich Cocoa ink.

Attach some narrow gold edged cream ribbon to the long sides of the strip, with foam tape or 3D glue attach diagonally across the card.

Project club - St David's day

Cut a piece of dark green card 13.8cmx20cm, and attach centrally to a green A5 card.

Cut a piece of cream parchment card 13.3cm x 19.5cm, stamp the music swirl along the top and down the right hand side of the card, in Versafine Vintage Sepia ink.

Stamp the harp and three daffodil flower heads (this stamp is from the forever floral collection) in Vintage Sepia, onto cream parchment card, and the daffodil leaves twice.

Colour in the harp with a light brown pencil crayon, and parts of the flower heads in a yellow pencil crayon.

Cut out the harp and back it onto dark green card with a narrow border, attach to the left hand side of the card.

Cut out the daffodil parts and decoupage at the bottom right hand side of the harp.

Christmas in Febuary

Please bear with me, I am not going mad I promise you...

By just changing the colours on the St Davids card to shades of red, and swapping the daffodil for some holly or fern with a poinsettia (again from the Forever Floral collection), it's transformed into a christmas card looks great and is quick to make.


Project club - Happy Valentines Day's

How fitting to be adding this card today, so Happy Valentines day to you all!

Card Instructions.
Onto a piece of A5 black card, stamp the music swirl along the top and down the right hand side of the card, with black pigment ink, and clear emboss it.

Make a score line 2cm in down the left hand side of the black card.

Stamp the harp onto red card with black ink, cut out the harp and mount it onto white pearl card, cut out the harp leaving a narrow border of white.

Stamp the heart onto white card and cut it out.

Emboss and cut out red heart, stamp Love in the middle in black ink.

Cut out a heart just a bit smaller than the first one.

Lay acetate over the black card, and attach the harp to the right of the score line using the strong red double sided tape.

Using the red tape attach the heart to the bottom left hand corner of the acetate.

Turn the acetate over and attach the white harp and smaller red heart over the back of the others with red tape.

Down the centre of the 2cm strip up to the score line on the black card, mark the middle and 3cm in from the top and bottom edge of the card, put a 1cm piece of red tape, attach the acetate to the black card.

Punch a hole to each side of the tape, thread some narrow red ribbon through each set of holes and tie a bow.

Glue a white flower to the heart.

Project club - St Patrick's day

All in green...

Cut a piece of dark green card 8.5cmx14cm, medium green 5.5cmcx11.5cm, and a piece of light green card 8.5cmx13.3cm.

Stamp the music swirl and the words music and song, onto the light green card using Memento Tuxedo Black ink.

Emboss the other two pieces of green card using music embossing folders.

Cut some 1cm strips of gold card, attach a strip of gold card to the back of the right hand side and bottom of the dark green card, and to the bottom only of the medium green card, so there is 0.5cm showing.

Cut a piece of gold card 20cmx 13.8cm, attach centrally to an A5 dark green card.

Starting with light green stamped card attach this 2.5cm up from the bottom and sides of the gold card next attach the medium green card so it’s 2.5cm from the top of the card, now attach the dark green to match up with the others.

Stamp the harp onto gold pearl card in Memento Rich Cocoa ink, cut out and double mount first onto medium green then onto gold card, attach the harp with 3D glue or foam tape to the left hand side of the card.

From green pearl paper punch out nine heart, and three stalks to make three shamrocks, by folding the hearts in half and curl each half, glue to the light green card by the fold.

And the luck of the Irish has turned this one gold..

Stamp the harp onto white shrink plastic in Stazon Rusty Brown, because it’s a big stamp when you have stamped it, it will stick to the stamp, turn it over and lightly press over the shrink plastic, peel off the shrink plastic, and colour in the harp I used a light brown pencil crayon, cut out the harp and shrink with a heat tool, flatten out with a stamp block.

Onto a five inch square gold pearl card, stamp the music swirl along the bottom in Memento Rich Cocoa.

  Cut a piece of green 9.5cmx5.5cm cut rounded corners into the card, emboss with a music embossing folder, and attach to the top right hand corner of the card.

Attach the harp to the green with 3D glue or the strong red double sided tape.

Punch out six small hearts from green pearl paper and cut two stalks to make two shamrocks as on the green card, to go down the left hand side of the card.

Stamp the four word stamps: melody, song, music and harmony, around the card.

Project club - Music Speaks

Stamp the harp onto the piece of A5 white card in Memento Tuxedo Black ink, and cut it out.

On the remaining white card stamp “When Words Fail Music Speaks” in Tuxedo Black ink, and trim down to 6cmx 2.5cm.

Attach the harp and words to the blue card, with double sided tape or glue, cut the harp with a narrow border of blue, trim the words down to 6.5cmx3cm.

Trim 3cm off the front side edge of the A5 white card stamp the small music note twice, then the four small word stamps, in Tuxedo Black ink, down the right hand side, on the inside of the card.
About 4cm in on the front edge of the card, stamp the long end of the music swirl twice, turning the stamp around so you can’t see any of the curled part.

Stamp the music swirl along the top and bottom of the black card, with the small treble clef stamp, in the space on each side, in a Versamark stamp pad, put clear embossing powder over the top, tap of the extra and heat with a heat tool until shinny.

Attach this to the left hand side of the card with double sided tape.

With 3D glue or foam tape attach the harp the middle of the black card. To the top right hand corner of the card attach the words so it’s over both the black and white card.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

2012 - Happy New Year!

Better late than never!

I know it's a little late but I thought I would share a couple of things I made for Christmas. As I keep getting requests to share the other items I make.

So here goes...

This patchwork stocking was made as a gift. As were the following mice, the two little skaters completed the set I knitted for a friend. And the little chappie pulling the tree is an a one-off!

Finally the wreath is one of the ceramics I painted for this Christmas/last Christmas (Christmas 2011). It was surprising just how much green paint it took.