Old Dimension Stamps Cards

The Occasional Orchid

 The cards the fantastic Dimension Stamps stamp set ‘The Occasional Orchid’ (ref: 2400066a). Though not all cards are of Orchids....

Lilac Orchid Card
Birthday Wishes

 Orange and Brown Card

Anyone for tennis

Okay so this isn't the intended use of the stamp set, but I could resist turning the Orchid petals and centres into strawberries, especially with Wimbledon just around the corner.

Forever Floral

Forever Floral is a fantastic set of stamps from Dimension Stamps (ref:2400061a). It gives you the twelve flowers of the year plus the flowers name and the names of the months! How inspiring......

Birthday File


June - Rose

October - Calendula

August - Poppy

March - Daffodil

December - Holly

Word Perfect

 A crafter in the making!!!!

The alphabet stamps are just so versatile to prove it my eldest daughter uses them alot with my granddaugther who's 20 months old. She uses them as insides of cards for people here is my mothers day card or Grannies day card and gets the little'un to colour them in!

Jubilee Gift Bag

You can't beat a bit of bunting

Native American theme

Ruby Wedding Invitation