Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Project Club: New Year’s Eve Invite

This last Project Club Card for 2014!

So, I would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year....

 How to Make:

  • Cut a piece of dark red card smaller than a square cream card and a cream piece just a bit smaller than the red, centrally attach the dark red piece to the cream card, onto the piece of cream card.
  • Stamp the celebration corner (Project Club May 2014 or Balloon Celebrations) in the top left and bottom corners using Memento Desert Sand randomly stamp the small ribbons on the card.
  • Stamp 12 to 3 and 6 to 9 parts of the clock face and two sets of hands onto pale gold pearl card using Rich Cocoa, trim the 6 to 9 part to fit the top right corner and the 12 to 3 part to fit the bottom left corner.
  • Stamp "From" onto the 6 to 9 and "To" on the 12 to 3 clock faces using Rich Cocoa colour in and attach the hands to the start and finish times then to the corners of the card.
  • Cut a 1.3cm x 18cm strip of pale gold pearl card and stamp New Year’s Eve Party along it in Rich Cocoa cut end to a point mount onto dark red card with a narrow border, attach from the top left to the bottom right corner, add a red gem to the points and clock hands.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Project Club: Clock Tower

Another New Year card, this one could easily adapted for a party invite...

How to Make: 

  • Stamp the swirl Happy New Year in Versamark and emboss with star dust embossing powder, down the right hand side of a dark blue A5 card (making sure to cover up to 9cm in from the edge).
  • Cut 21cm x 7.5cm piece of gray textured card cut one of the long sides to look like the end of a stone tower, with a gray promarker mark the card to look like stone edge the cut side, attach to the left of the card with the straight side to the fold.
  • Stamp part of the clock face (between the 11/12 and 6/7) and the hands onto a very pale blue pearl card using Memento Paris Dusk, colour in blue cut out and trim the clock face to 6.5cm across the middle glue on the hands, attach 3cm from the top of the clock tower.
  • Stamp the “Happy New Year” sentiment in Tuxedo black onto a piece of gray card trim and mount onto light blue card attach to the bottom of the clock tower.
  • Stamp the two small ribbons onto bright coloured card using Tuxedo Black cut out and glue to the dark blue part of the card.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Project Club: Princess Party

Whilst I was rummaging through my old Project Club sets I came across this fabulous Prince and Princess set and just had to play.....

How to Make:

  • Randomly stamp (Once Upon a Time, Princess, and Prince words) dragon, unicorn, frog and castle (Project Club April 2009) onto the front of a lilac A5 card using Memento Sweet Plum.
  • Attach a piece of white chiffon ribbon down the left hand side of the card with a knot or a bow in the bottom left corner.
  • Stamp the clock face, hands onto white pearl card using Tuxedo black mask of the numerals and stamp the castle and unicorn in the centre using Sweet Plum, colour in the numerals, inside ring on the clock and hands in shades of purple and lilacs, cut out and glue the hands to the time the party starts and attach the clock face centrally to the card.
  • Stamp the Princess carriage in Sweet Plum onto white pearl card mask off all but the window and stamp in the frog.
  • Using a small alphabet set of stamps and Sweet Plum stamp Till (and the time the party finishes) between the wheels, colour in and roughly cut it out edge in purple attach to the bottom right corner with 3D foam pads.
  • Onto a 10cm x 3.5cm piece of white pearl card in Sweet Plum stamp “On the date Its a Princess and Prince Party Your Invited”, round off the corners and edge in purple attach to the top left of the card, add a crystal gems to the wheels, centre of the hands and date card.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Project Club: New Year

For this card I used a couple of stamps from previous Project Club Sets. I just love how well they all work together!

How to Make:  

  • Trim a piece of purple card just a little smaller than a square white card.
  • Across the bottom stamp the celebration corner (May 2014 Project Club or Balloon Celebrations) twice using Versamark and Silver embossing powder, colour in the stars with a silver glitter gel pen.
  • Stamp the New Year sentiment, clock face, hands and the bunting (March 2013 Project Club) twice with an extra bow onto white pearl card in Tuxedo black.
  • Colour in the clock face and hands using shades of purple and plum glitter gel pens, cut out and attach clock face towards the top of the purple piece of card glue the hands in place.
  • Cut a 1.5cm strip of lilac pearl card stamp Happy New Year across it using Tuxedo black and attach across the purple card below the 3 and 9 on the clock face trim to size of the purple card, centrally attach to the square white card.
  • Roughly cut out New Year sentiment and mount onto lilac pearl card cut out leaving a narrow border attach to the centre of the lilac strip.
  • Colour in the bunting and extra bow using glitter gel pens cut out and attach to the top of the card with the extra bow over the join.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Project Club: Birth Announcement

Well, here it is the final Nina Crafts Project Club of 2014 and what a great year we have had, with so many versatile stamp sets "Well Done!" to the team at Nina Crafts.

And talking about versatile this months New Year stamp set is great for Birth Announcements.....

 How to Make

  • Trim a piece of pale blue backing paper just a little smaller than a square white card.
  • In the top left corner stamp the date and in the bottom right stamp the weight, using Memento Paris Dusk.
  • Stamp two of the small ribbons in the top right corner and one under the date in Memento Summer Sky,  colour in the ribbons and centrally attach to the square white card.
  • Stamp the clock face and hands onto white card in Memento Paris Dusk, colour in the numerals, the inside ring on the clock face and hands in shades of blue.
  • Cut out the clock face and hands attach the clock face towards the top of the card, glue the hands to the time of birth, stamp the names in the centre of the clock face with am or pm over the six or twelve
  • Add a die cut rabbit with gems for nose and eyes in the bottom left corner and a gem to the centre of the hands.