Thursday, 21 April 2011

The sun

The early morning sun  inspired this card and it was so quick to make.

I used a 15cm square pale blue card for the base card and stamped on a few birds in one corner. I then stamped the road map in brown ink on parchment paper. On lime green card I stamped enjoy the journey in a darker shade of green ink and cut it out.

To make the sun I ripped a large orange circle and a smaller mustard one (almost as big as the card). I embossed them using a Tim Holtz embossing folder and then cut them down to fit in the left hand corner of the card and stuck them in place.

I folded the map and stuck it to the card. Finally I stuck on the enjoy the journey on top of this.

How quick was that!

Wish you were here

Just like the Jungle card I have previously listed this card was made by using up bits of paper I had left over.

To make it I used a mountain fold card in light blue, making the main panel 13cm wide. I then cut a piece of navy card 11cm by 13.5cm and stuck that in place. On the navy card I stuck a plane and the bagage car.

I then stamped enjoy the map in blue ink on some parchment paper and scruched it up and folded it so it fitted on the first "mountain" on top of that I stuck a suitcase. In a darker shade of blue ink I stamped enjoy the journey on a light blue card cut this out and backed it onto navy card.

On the second "mountain" I stuck another suitcase, tag and passport. I then stuck enjoy the journey with a word on each "mountain".

I now think the "Mountain" section of this card would make a great card on its own!

A step back in time

I recently got a set of alchol inks and I couldn't resist having a play with them, especially when I saw these stamps.

To make this card I first embossed a piece of silver foil with the Cuttlebug cog embossing folder, then I used red, blue and yellow alcolhol ink with a bit of blending solution to ensure it didn't turn out to bright, and inked the foil until I was happy with the effect.

On a piece of silver matt card I stamped the car in black ink. On red card I stamped enjoy the journey again in black ink. I cut both of these out. Then with the remaining red card I cut out a scalloped circle and two strips, which were cut to a point at one end, These were then outlined in a silver marker pen.

To construct the card I backed the foil onto red card and cut it out leaving a small border, I then folded a A4 piece of plain white card in half and added the foil to this. I then fixed the two red strips and circle on top of the foil. Placing the car in the circle and enjoy the journey on the strips.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

In the Jungle......

the mighty jungle (sorry I couldn't resist, I just love that film!)

I had these bits of paper left over from a card and some scrapbook pages I had previously made, and I thought they would work so well with the enjoy the journey stamp.

It was worth having a rummage through my bit box, I had forgot about these papers.

ATC Clipboard

To make this ATC I cut dark blue card 5cm x 7.7cm and rounded of the corners. I then cut four pieces of light blue paper 4.5cm x 7cm. Across the bottom of two of the light blue pieces I stamped one with London, and the other with Paris, in a toning blue ink. On the third I stamped New York, and finally on the fourth I stamped enjoy the journey.

I then stuck the four pieces of card together along the top edge only putting enjoy the journey on the top. Then attached the "note pad" to the "clipboard", then stuck them onto an ATC card.

Using my Sizzix I cut out the clip and a pencil, and fixed them to the clipboard, attaching the pencil to the top page only!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Enjoy the journey

This card seems to have a very masculine feel, but I am sure with different coloured inks/papers it would be fine for a lady too...

To make this one I used a 15cm by 15cm white card for the base card. I then cut a 13.5cm by 13.5cm square from some pale blue pearl card, and stamped the road map about 2cm from the top of the card in black ink. I then edged the pale blue card using a silver marker pen and stuck it to the base card.

In the same pale blue pearl card I stamped enjoy the journey, but I stamped it first onto a scrap piece of paper then without re-inking it I stamped onto the pale blue card, I did this to get a worn effect. I then cut out each word and edged them in silver marker pen. The words were then stuck under the road map.

On the pale blue card I stamped the word travel. On a small piece of pale green I stamped the open topped car and finally on a piece of darker blue coloured card I stamped the other card. I then cut all these out and edged them in silver marker pen. I then stuck them over themselves on map that was stamped on the 13.3cm by 13.5cm card.

A travel bag

When I started using these stamps I just couldn't get the idea of making a bag out of my mind, these stamps are just perfect!

To make the bag I cut a pocket out of some material I had and stamped the map and enjoy the journey in Versacraft Black ink, once stamped I heat set them to ensure they would be permanent.

Onto three scraps of different materials I stamped the words Paris, London and NewYork I then backed them onto Heat'n'Bond and then cut them into tags (I used my Sizzix for this). I then placed them on the pocket and ironed them into place. To ensure they would not move I stitched around the edges of the tags in a tan coloured thread and stitched a cord on there too.

Once I was happy a sewed the pocket onto a calico bag with my sewing machine.

Now think of all those plastic bags I will save on!

Pocket Galore!!!

These two cards are perfect for my friends who are going to be taking a gap year!
To make the burgundy card I started with an A4 piece of card and folded it in half.

I then choose a piece of pink card and cut out a handbag shape that was almost as big as the folded card (you can use any handbag shape or template you have). Stamp the road map stamp all over the handbag in burgundy ink, and then make small stitch marks around the handbag in burgundy pen. To finish off the handbag cut a pocket to fit on the front and stamp in burgundy ink, Paris, New York and London.

On another piece of pink card, stamp the road map so that T of travel has some plain card next to it even if this mean the whole stamp doesn't fit on the piece of card. This needs to be cut into an 8cm by 2.2cm strip with a point at the end of the word. Add stitch marks around this to, this tag shape then forms your bag fastener.

Stick the pocket to the front of the bag. Attach the pointed end of the fastener to the pocket with a brad, fold it over and stick it to the front of the bag.

To make the bag charm I used some ribbon, beads and a charm I had lying around, I fixed it to the handbag, and stuck the handbag to the front of the card.

The blue card was made by folding a piece of A4 blue card in half and stamping all over the front of the card Paris, London and New York in blue ink.

I then cut out a pocket shaped like those found on a pair of jeans and stamped the road map in black ink on it. Then around the edges of the pocket I put two lines of stitch marks (again just like a jeans pocket).

The pocket was then fixed to the bottom of the card using brads.

On a light blue piece of card I stamped enjoy the journey in a darker blue ink. I then cut around each word and stuck it onto the bottom of the card using foam pads.

Finally I cut out three tags in different shades of blue and stamped London, Paris and New York on them, I then attached blue ribbon to each one and fixed them inside the top of the pocket.

All done!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Where does the time go....

Boy this last month has just flown by, I have been so busy.

Firstly I had relatives over from the states it was so lovely to see them and get to spend some time with them.

It was also costume time again, My youngest dances, and it was her dance show this last month so I had dance costumes to make, and then the helping out back stage. I forget how much work goes into the shows not just for the dancers but for us backstage too, I think the offical name for us is roadies, but I dont think you could call someone with the number of wrinkles I have a roadie it's just  not right!!!

It was also my little friends 3rd birthday and I have always made his cake this year was no exception! He wanted Rocket from the Little Einsteins, oh yes it was fun! I was upto my neck in red ready roll icing. I aslo helped my eldest daugther make her husbands cake nothing as exciting just mickey mouse on the top of a round cake. For her first attempt it wasn't too bad!

Finally, I guess I should have mentioned this first I also gave up work month not that I have noticed all that "free" time. So apologies for not keeping my blog upto date I will do better.........