Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sew Creative: Sewing Basket

What sewing room would be without a sewing basket, or in my case that basket which is full of all those bits that you don't know where they came from, or what they are off, but come in handy far to often!
Sorry about the picture!
This basket was made using Sew Creative stamp set (ref: 2400073a) from Dimension Stamps.
How to make:
  • Paint a round paper mache basket in white and the handle in lilac pearl acrylic craft paint.
  • Cover the outside of the basket in cream fabric.
  • Stamp eight cotton reels onto light tan fabric (which has no sew heat “n” bond attached) in black Verascraft ink, iron over the fabric paint with fabric paints iron after each coat of paint.
  • Stamp four buttons on coloured fabric in black.
  • Onto two strips of pink flowered fabric stamp five buttons and paint.
  • Narrow hem the two short sides and one long side, pleat each piece over the top edge of the basket and glue to the inside.
  • Line the inside of the basket in pink flowered fabric.
  • Cut out four cotton reels with needles and four without, glue the cotton reels one with and one without needle around the bottom of the basket, and a button resting on the one without needle.
  • Stamp “You have me in stitches!” in black onto pink ribbon glue onto the handle.


  1. What a fab idea Sue - I have an empty popcorn tub which I am sure will work the same...
    Its amazing how when looking for something all manner of bits and bobs end up on my work bench so I usually put them in a box and forget all about them - this project may just be the answer!!
    I love you blog - keep it going Sue

  2. I hadn't thought of using a popcorn tub, what a great idea! And as they have lids you can make more than one and stack them, you've got me thinking now........