Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Touch of ....Autumn (Part 2)

I really ejoyed using A Touch of.... Autumn Stamp set (ref: 0701085a) from Dimension Stamps, that I may have got alittle carried away, so here's some more ideas!

Bonfire Party

How to make:
  • Onto a 14cm. x 14cm. piece of black card emboss “it’s a Bonfire Invitation” across the top in gold and centrally attach to a small dark orange card.
  • Stamp the calendula a few times onto orange and gold card/paper in Tuxedo black
  • Cut them out and scrunched them up
  • Then arrange them into a bonfire (I used the flower head at the base of my bonfire)
  • Finally add some glitter
This one was a lot of fun to do!

Magenta calendula

How to make:
  • Using phthalo blue tint pan pastel as the base colour, cover a 110cm x 110cm piece of white card.
  • Using an embossing stamp pad, stamp the calendula in the centre and Happy Birthday above it.
  • Using phthalo blue dab over Happy Birthday, magenta extra dark dab pan pastel over the flower head and chrom. Ox. Green shade pan pastel on the leaves working the pastel in from side to side from top to bottom.
  • Mount onto magenta card with a narrow border.
  • Using phthalo blue as the base colour cover a small square white card, stamp the flower head using an embossing stamp pad around the  top edges of the card lightly dab over each flower head with magenta, around the bottom edge stamp the leaves lightly dab over with green shade working the pastels in as above, centrally attach the stamped square to the card.

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