Monday, 13 June 2011

A portait of a lady

A square white card was used to make this card, I cut a piece of pink backing paper 1cm smaller than the card, then attached this centrally onto the card.

Using nestabilities (set s4-305 eyelet square), cut out and emboss the largest one in purple, do the same with the next size down only in a pale pink, make a mask to fit this, so only the centre raised square can be seen, with this in place, in purple ink, stamp as much of the lady that can be seen, colour in the hat, bag and dress frill in purple gel pen.

Attach this in the centre of the purple square, to the top left hand corner attach a white chiffon bow, glue one of the purple cut out circles to the bow ,and 3D gloss it (why waste them).

Using foam tape or pads on the back of the purple square, fix this centrally onto the card.

The cream card is made almost the same as the white card.

As its made into an easel card you will need, an extra piece of cream card the same size as your card, and backing paper, using the extra piece of cream card, make this up as the purple card only using cream and brown, miss out the part on the ribbon and purple circle.

Cut out and emboss the smallest square in cream, and the next size up in brown, make a mask to fit the cream one so you just see the raised square, with this in place, ink up only the word “with” stamp this to the top of the square, now do the same with the word “love” in the space left (it just fits), colour the raised dots in brown, attach this to the brown square.

Working with the folded cream card, fold the front in half to the inside of the card, to form the easel, attach the second piece of backing paper to the inside of the card, cut a piece of cream card 3cm x1cm smaller than the backing paper, using foam tape or pads attach the brown square, to the centre of  this.

Have the open ends of the card facing you, put double sided tape on the bottom half of the card only, take a piece of cream card with the lady on, making sure you have the lady facing  you, attach this to the card, now take the strip of cream card and using foam tape, attach this to the inside of the card ,so brown square is about 1cm inside the card.

Now just add a flower to the bottom left hand corner.

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