Monday, 13 June 2011

Disposable coffee cups

As the coffee cup template I used with the shrink plastic on the ATC, looked about the right size to make cards with, I thought why not give it try.

On a piece of A4 card make a fold 11cm in on long side of the card.

Place the cup template to the fold and draw round this, cut it out, place the oval shaped top onto the front of the card, draw round the bottom to make the top rim of the cup, move it down about .5cm , and draw round the top until you meet the rim line, this is now the liquid level.

Both wraps can be cut out of a piece of A5 card, the lady fits on the small one, the doorway on the larger one.

Place the wrap template to the fold and draw round this, cut it out, using a darker shade of ink stamp lady/doorway in the middle of it, using a promarker in the same colour as the ink, draw some dots or small line at the top and bottom of the wrap.

Draw round the top rim of the cup with the pro marker, stamp “ lets meet for drinks” under this ,with the promarker put dots or small lines to each side of this ,at the bottom of the cup “coffee” two or three times,  in between put dots or lines, with a brown promarker colour in the liquid part, draw round some heat swirls, and glue them on to the liquid, using double sided tape fix the wrap to the cup so it over laps a bit.   

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