Monday, 13 June 2011

Cake anyone?

Fold apiece of A5 pink card in half, draw round the top 10cm of the coffee cup, cut this out and round off the bottom two corners.

From a piece of thick handmade white paper, two shaped tops were cut out about 11cm x 7cm in size, attach one to the front and back of the card so that they match, stamp “lets meet for a drink” onto white ribbon using black versacraft ink and heat set this, a slit was made half way up the pink card for the ribbon to go through, this was attached to the inside of the card as was the other end of the ribbon.

Punch out two black leaves and glue to the top of the card, punch out about twenty small pink flowers, place two of the flowers onto the ribbon, following the bottom shape of the white paper, put a row of pink flowers, add some flowers to the leaves, to the centre of each flower add some black glitter.

This would make a good card topper too.

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