Thursday, 10 March 2016

CRD: Monthly Make - Simply Tulips

I love that by just having one focal colour on a card it makes the whole card stand out. So for this card I did just that, using March's Monthly Make from Crafty Roo Designs.


  • March's stamp set.
  • Stamp bases.
  • Memento:- Tuxedo Black, London Fog, Lilac Posies.
  • Black chiffon ribbon.
  • 4 Black and 1 Pink Card Candi's.
  • 7inc square white card, black and white card.
  • Double sided tape or glue 3D glue or foam pads.

How to make
1) Cut a 14.3cm x 16.7cm piece of black card , and cut a 12.6cm x 15.7cm and a 2cm x 16.7cm pieces of white card.
2) Make two masks of the Tulip, stamp the two outside Tulips first mask of where needed and stamp the middle one, the solid leaves and stem using London Fog, and the solid flower head using Lilac Posies, over stamp with the outline stamps all using Tuxedo Black.
3) Edge both white pieces in Lilac Posies, cut the stamped piece into three 15.7cm x 4.2cm pieces, evenly adhere to the black piece of card using double sided tape or glue.
4) Centrally attach a piece of black ribbon down the 2cm x 15.7cm piece of card, adhere the stamped piece of card to the right of the 7 inch square white card, with the ribbon piece down the left side of the card, using double sided tape or glue.
5) Adhere a black card Candi in each corner, knot a piece of ribbon with a pink card Candi to the knot using 3D glue or foam pads.

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