Sunday, 13 March 2016

CRD: Monthly Make - Shopping bag

When I saw March's Monthly Make from Crafty Roo Designs I immediately thought that would look lovely painted onto glass, but before I blinked Kym had decided to do that as her something different. So undeterred I got one of Crafty Roo's Plain Shopping Cotton bags and away I went. Plus I had just discovered some new fabric paints I wanted to try out too!


  • March's Stamps
  • Stamp Bases
  • Decoart SoSoft fabric paints assorted colours.
  • Sponges.
  • Canvas Tote Bag, (Washed and ironed No Soft Rinse).
  • Scraps of green and lilac fabrics, 10inch square of cream fabric.( All washed, dried and ironed NO Soft Rinse).
  • Heat n Bond Lite( Follow instructions to apply to back of fabric).
  • Stranded Cotton lilac, light tan and green. 
  • Craft tools.

How to make 
1) Stamp rows of each of the three sentiments onto the 10 inch Cream fabric using light tan paint, (stamp onto a firm washable surface and do not move the fabric while stamping, wash stamp right away do not let them dry), stamp three solid stems in light green paint and over stamp using the outline stamp in dark green, wash stamps.
2) Following the instructions apply Heat n Bond Lite to the green and lilac fabrics.
3) Stamp the outline stamp three times onto the lilac fabric using purple paint, and the leaf outline stamp six times onto the green fabric using dark green paint, (I used green check fabric so used light green first on the solid stamp).
4) Cut out all the flowers and leaves leaving a narrow edge of fabric all around Do Not peel the paper off until you iron it in place, iron on the two leaves of the middle tulip to the cream piece of fabric and blanket stitch  around in place using two strands of green cotton, iron on the tulip head and blanket around in place, continue this until all flowers are sewn in place,
5) Iron the piece of cream fabric and apply a piece of Heat n Bond Lite to the back, trim a narrow piece of each edge if needed, iron on to the bag and blanket stitch in place using light tan cotton.

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