Friday, 8 April 2011

Where does the time go....

Boy this last month has just flown by, I have been so busy.

Firstly I had relatives over from the states it was so lovely to see them and get to spend some time with them.

It was also costume time again, My youngest dances, and it was her dance show this last month so I had dance costumes to make, and then the helping out back stage. I forget how much work goes into the shows not just for the dancers but for us backstage too, I think the offical name for us is roadies, but I dont think you could call someone with the number of wrinkles I have a roadie it's just  not right!!!

It was also my little friends 3rd birthday and I have always made his cake this year was no exception! He wanted Rocket from the Little Einsteins, oh yes it was fun! I was upto my neck in red ready roll icing. I aslo helped my eldest daugther make her husbands cake nothing as exciting just mickey mouse on the top of a round cake. For her first attempt it wasn't too bad!

Finally, I guess I should have mentioned this first I also gave up work month not that I have noticed all that "free" time. So apologies for not keeping my blog upto date I will do better.........

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