Monday, 7 February 2011

A French Delight

To make this lilac square gatefold card:
·         Cut from a sheet of dark lilac A4 card, a 15cm x 29.7cm card and fold into a gatefold.
·         From silver card, cut two 6.5cm x 14cm strips.
·         From pale lilac card, cut two 6cm x 13.5 strips and one 14cm square.
·         Onto the pale lilac strips, use the ‘Paris’ and ‘Tower’ stamps, with dark purple ink, to create a background.
·         Onto the pale lilac square, around the edge, stamp the swirls from the ‘Tower’ stamp, in silver ink.
This should be attached to the inside of your card for you to write your message.
·         To finish the inside of the card, using purple ink, stamp the ‘Tower’ of the insides of the gatefold.
Make sure that you cover the centre section, with a scrap piece of paper, otherwise you’re stamping will overlap onto the pale lilac insert you have added to the centre.
·         Mount the pale lilac strips onto the two silver strips of card and attached these to the front of the gatefolds.
·         To create the card topper, cut two different sized shapes; the larger of the two should be cut from dark lilac and the smaller from pale lilac.
·         Stamp the ‘Tower’ onto the smaller shape in purple ink.
·         Mount the pale lilac shape onto the dark lilac one. Centre the shapes on your card and attach to one side of the gatefold.

I also created a similar card in browns and creams, but using an uneven gatefold idea. This has become a fond favourite of mine! To do this, you cut out the same sized card as above and create a 4cm fold from one of the short edges. To create the other side of the gatefold, tuck the 4cm side in, and using a scoring board, score a half A4 line from the folded edge.

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  1. Wow how unusual I would never have thought of that. I am off to try one!