Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wish you were here

Just like the Jungle card I have previously listed this card was made by using up bits of paper I had left over.

To make it I used a mountain fold card in light blue, making the main panel 13cm wide. I then cut a piece of navy card 11cm by 13.5cm and stuck that in place. On the navy card I stuck a plane and the bagage car.

I then stamped enjoy the map in blue ink on some parchment paper and scruched it up and folded it so it fitted on the first "mountain" on top of that I stuck a suitcase. In a darker shade of blue ink I stamped enjoy the journey on a light blue card cut this out and backed it onto navy card.

On the second "mountain" I stuck another suitcase, tag and passport. I then stuck enjoy the journey with a word on each "mountain".

I now think the "Mountain" section of this card would make a great card on its own!

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