Monday, 11 April 2011

Enjoy the journey

This card seems to have a very masculine feel, but I am sure with different coloured inks/papers it would be fine for a lady too...

To make this one I used a 15cm by 15cm white card for the base card. I then cut a 13.5cm by 13.5cm square from some pale blue pearl card, and stamped the road map about 2cm from the top of the card in black ink. I then edged the pale blue card using a silver marker pen and stuck it to the base card.

In the same pale blue pearl card I stamped enjoy the journey, but I stamped it first onto a scrap piece of paper then without re-inking it I stamped onto the pale blue card, I did this to get a worn effect. I then cut out each word and edged them in silver marker pen. The words were then stuck under the road map.

On the pale blue card I stamped the word travel. On a small piece of pale green I stamped the open topped car and finally on a piece of darker blue coloured card I stamped the other card. I then cut all these out and edged them in silver marker pen. I then stuck them over themselves on map that was stamped on the 13.3cm by 13.5cm card.

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