Monday, 11 April 2011

Pocket Galore!!!

These two cards are perfect for my friends who are going to be taking a gap year!
To make the burgundy card I started with an A4 piece of card and folded it in half.

I then choose a piece of pink card and cut out a handbag shape that was almost as big as the folded card (you can use any handbag shape or template you have). Stamp the road map stamp all over the handbag in burgundy ink, and then make small stitch marks around the handbag in burgundy pen. To finish off the handbag cut a pocket to fit on the front and stamp in burgundy ink, Paris, New York and London.

On another piece of pink card, stamp the road map so that T of travel has some plain card next to it even if this mean the whole stamp doesn't fit on the piece of card. This needs to be cut into an 8cm by 2.2cm strip with a point at the end of the word. Add stitch marks around this to, this tag shape then forms your bag fastener.

Stick the pocket to the front of the bag. Attach the pointed end of the fastener to the pocket with a brad, fold it over and stick it to the front of the bag.

To make the bag charm I used some ribbon, beads and a charm I had lying around, I fixed it to the handbag, and stuck the handbag to the front of the card.

The blue card was made by folding a piece of A4 blue card in half and stamping all over the front of the card Paris, London and New York in blue ink.

I then cut out a pocket shaped like those found on a pair of jeans and stamped the road map in black ink on it. Then around the edges of the pocket I put two lines of stitch marks (again just like a jeans pocket).

The pocket was then fixed to the bottom of the card using brads.

On a light blue piece of card I stamped enjoy the journey in a darker blue ink. I then cut around each word and stuck it onto the bottom of the card using foam pads.

Finally I cut out three tags in different shades of blue and stamped London, Paris and New York on them, I then attached blue ribbon to each one and fixed them inside the top of the pocket.

All done!

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