Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mother’s Day Bouquet

Nina from Dimension Stamps/ Nina Crafts launched four new stamp sets on Create and Craft yesterday, this bouquet is from one of those new sets it's called Beautiful Bouquet (ref: NC014). I also used Grand Word Perfect (ref: 1803161a).

How to Make
  • Stamp the bouquet  in the bottom left and top right hand corners of an seven inch square white card in burgundy ink.
  • Attach a piece of burgundy chiffon ribbon across the other two corners.
  • Next stamp the bouquet onto a piece of white card in burgundy and green ink.
  • Cut into the stamped image into six pieces and mount each piece onto burgundy card with a narrow border.
  • Then mount all six pieces onto a single piece of pink card with a narrow strip of pink showing between each piece and all around, before attaching the bottom middle piece punch a hole at the top of the flower stems, and thread through a narrow piece of burgundy ribbon do not tie.
  • Stamp "Happy" in the bottom left hand corner and "Mother’s Day" in the right hand corner, in burgundy ink. 
  • Then stamp "With Love" and "Mum" on to white card, trim down so both are the same size mount onto burgundy card and then on each side of a piece of double sided pink card, punch a small at the top and thread onto the ribbon and tie.
  • Finally attach to the centre of the card.   

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