Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Project club - Vintage Brown

* 3D glaze a clock face into a brown bottle top and leave to dry

* Randomly stamp an A4 piece of cream card, with the cogs, solid hands don’t count..  and Tempis Fugit, in Memento Rich Cocoa.

* Distress the cream card with tea die ink.

* Stamp a wavy line  of small cogs down one of the short sides of an A4 cream card, the clock face with Times flies curled up around the bottom, one of the large solid clock hands, two of the small solid clock hands, and a large cog in Rich Cocoa.

Using a 7.5 inch x 7.5 inch burnt orange square card leave about 3.5cm from the fold, cut a piece of brown card to fit the rest of the card, with a 0.5cm border on the other three sides.

* Cut down and attach a piece of the cream stamped card to fit the brown card with a narrow border, now cut a smaller piece of brown card, wide enough to fit the clock face on, and long enough to go from across the top left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner, cut down and attach with a border a piece of stamped cream card.

* Randomly tear three pieces of printed paper, and distress with tea die ink, attach two pieces   one in the top right hand corner, and one in the bottom left hand corner of the large piece of brown card, the other piece across the bottom of the smaller brown card.

* Die cut from brown card a bird and wing (Tim Holtz 656634), two flourishes (Tim Holtz 656639).

* Onto a 5.5cm x 2.5cm piece of brown card in Memento Tuxedo Black stamp don’t count.., and tick tock over the bird and wing in Rich Cocoa.

* Gloss varnish over the bird, wing, flourishes, and don’t count.

* Cut out the clock face with time flies, apply a thin coat of distress crackle paint and leave to dry (it will look pitted not cracked).

* Cut one of the small clock hands, so it’s 1.2cm from the point round off the end, cut out the other two hands, gloss varnish all the hands, glue the small cut hand to the small clock face, punch a small hole in the clock face and two hands, attach the hands to the clock face with a brown brad, attach to the smaller brown card with foam tape or 3D glue.

* Attach this on an angle to the larger piece of brown card, with a brown brad in each corner, Attach to the right hand side of the burnt orange card.

* Cut out the wavy line of cogs and the large cog (so you can thread the line of small cogs through it), edge the large cog in Rich Cocoa, gloss varnish the line of cogs and the large one, when dry thread the line of cogs through the large cog and glue down the left hand side of the card

* In Rich Cocoa edge don’t count and attach in the bottom right hand corner.

* With 3D glue attach the bird with wing to the top right hand corner, and the two flourishes in the bottom left hand corner with the bottle top.

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