Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Project club - Tick Tock (green and black one)

* I embossed a 10.5cm x 17 cm piece of black magic colour core card with clock faces and hands. (Creative Expressions Time EF-003). Then sand over the embossed card to show the green core.

* From a piece of toning green A4 card make an off centre gate fold card, making the left hand side 11.2cm,

* Cut the card down to 17.7cm.

* Cut a piece of green 14cm x 16.7cm, stamp a large cog in each corner, with a small cog  each side of it, in the middle of each side stamp Tempis Fugit in Memento Bamboo Leaves.

* Distress around the edge so it just over the cogs and words in Forest Moss.

* Using Bamboo Leaves stamp "Don’t count....." in the centre and attach centrally to the inside of the card.

* Cut a piece of green card to fit the narrow side of the card, stamp two small cogs across the top and bottom, down the right hand side stamp six more cogs leaving a gap in the middle.

* Distress with Forest Moss, and attach to the narrow side.

* Onto the remaining green card stamp the clock face, one large solid clock hand, two small solid clock hands, two large cogs and "Time flies....", in Bamboo Leaves.

* Cut out the two large cogs cutting away the green card between the spokes, loop a piece of black ribbon through one of the cogs so you can see the small centre cog, attach to the centre of the narrow gate fold side.

* Cut out Time flies... so it’s 1.5cm x 10.5cm round off the ends, thread through the other cog so you can read Time flies in the cog, attach to the bottom of the black embossed card with foam tape.

* Cut out one of the small clock hands so it’s 1.2cm from the point round of the end, cut out the other two clock hands.

* Cut out the clock face, distress  with Forest Moss, glue the small cut hand to the small clock face, punch a small hole in the centre of the clock face and the two clock hands, attach hands to the face with a black brad.

* With foam tape attach the clock face to the black embossed card, centrally attach to the large gate fold side.

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