Monday, 7 February 2011

Ooh La Acetate!

I just love the effects you can get from using acetate!

To make this one I cut an A5 piece of black card and acetate. I then stamped Happy Birthday in the bottom right hand corner and 2.5 cm in from the top left corner. I used clear ink and embossing powder.

On some pink card I stamped the Eiffel Tower and two sets of the hearts in black ink and clear embossed them. I then cut out the hearts and the Eiffel Tower. Using the Eiffel Tower cut out as a template cut another piece (to attach to the back of the acetate to hide your fixings!) Stamp the Eiffel tower onto this cut out piece.

I cut a 4cm strip of black card and fold in half length ways, I then glued the black card into the folded strip. Next I glued the acetate on the left hand side to the black card . Finally I folded over the rest of the black strip and fixed it in place. I then attached the two sets of hearts to  this folded card.

To finish the card I glued the embossed Eiffel tower to the outside of the acetate opened up the acetate and stick the other Eiffel tower to the inside.

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