Tuesday, 13 September 2016

CRD: August's Monthly Make - The brown and cream one.

 As always I HAD to make a brown and cream card using August's Monthly Make From Crafty Roo Designs. So here it is.......

  • August's Stamp Pack.
  • Stamp Bases.
  • Memento:- Rich Cocoa
  • Brushed Corduroy. 
  • Brown Ribbon, Number Die.
  • 7inch Cream card, Coffee/White Spot and Cream card.
  • Double sided tape, glue and 3D glue.
  • Craft tools.
How to Make
1) Cut a 6.5inch x 6.5inch piece of coffee/white spot card distress the edges using brushed corduroy.
2) Cut six 1.4cm x 12cm pieces of cream card and a 5.5cm x 5.5cm piece of cream card and round off from the bottom right to top left corners to make part of a circle ( I do not have a die big enough) distress the edges as before and adhere to the bottom left corner of the spot card using double sided tape or glue.
3) Adhere a piece of ribbon on an angle across the top right corner, centrally adhere to the cream card using double sided tape or glue.
4) From the Age sentiment stamp one line, Age, is just a ,Number and Happy and Birthday onto the centre of a cream strip using Rich Cocoa, trim down to make different length round off the bottom edge and cut the top on an angle distress the edges using Brushed Corduroy.
5) Adhere to the bottom left too look like sun rays starting with the line, die cut 65th from the spot card distress as before shape, using 3D glue adhere to the bottom left of the card, tie a bow to the ribbon.

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