Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Geared-up birthday!

With stormy sky distress ink I brushed over a mask of clocks and gears (Creative Expressions) on to a piece of 13.8cmx20cm pale blue card, attach centrally to a folded dark blue A5 card. Onto a piece of silver pearl and dark blue pearl card with black stazon ink stamp the large gears twice and HAPPY BIRTHDAY once also stamp HAPPY BIRTHDAY onto a lighter shade of blue pearl card.

Cut out the gears from the silver card you will need one full set, and just one large and small from the other the other set, three sets of hubs from the dark blue card, shape and attach to the silver gears with 3D glue.

Cut out the letters from the three colours that you will need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, it will be six from one and five from the other two.

From some black self adhesive fab foam cut some circles the teeth smaller than the gears you will need three of each size, stick them to the gears and attach the full set of gears with glue almost to the top right hand corner, and the smaller set a third up on the left hand side with the large gear to the side.

Glue some navy wool or cord around the gears this only needs to be glued to one gear.

Take a piece of pale blue pearl paper 6cmx7.5cm , down 6cm sides score two lines 0.5cm apart and one at the bottom, down the sides fold the first score line to the front the next to the back, fold the bottom one to the back.

With black stazon stamp gear up for a celebration onto this and attach to the bottom right hand corner by the 0.5cm edges it should look like a paper bag.

Attach HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the wool and card I used Hi-Tack glue and DAD falling into the bag.

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