Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Project club - Happy Valentines Day's

How fitting to be adding this card today, so Happy Valentines day to you all!

Card Instructions.
Onto a piece of A5 black card, stamp the music swirl along the top and down the right hand side of the card, with black pigment ink, and clear emboss it.

Make a score line 2cm in down the left hand side of the black card.

Stamp the harp onto red card with black ink, cut out the harp and mount it onto white pearl card, cut out the harp leaving a narrow border of white.

Stamp the heart onto white card and cut it out.

Emboss and cut out red heart, stamp Love in the middle in black ink.

Cut out a heart just a bit smaller than the first one.

Lay acetate over the black card, and attach the harp to the right of the score line using the strong red double sided tape.

Using the red tape attach the heart to the bottom left hand corner of the acetate.

Turn the acetate over and attach the white harp and smaller red heart over the back of the others with red tape.

Down the centre of the 2cm strip up to the score line on the black card, mark the middle and 3cm in from the top and bottom edge of the card, put a 1cm piece of red tape, attach the acetate to the black card.

Punch a hole to each side of the tape, thread some narrow red ribbon through each set of holes and tie a bow.

Glue a white flower to the heart.

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